Saxophonist - Alfonzo BlackwellSaxophonist - Alfonzo Blackwell

Michael Jackson - Musical Genius - The Legend
"Human Nature"

"Michael Jackson used his voice in so many ways as an instrument like that of a saxophone, bass, guitar and even a percussion drum when the music called him to do so.

He had the unmatched ability to pull from his plentiful vocal range to capture sounds that brought out the many emotions of the human soul across the entire world whether you spoke the English language or any foreign language for that matter.

The language of music communicates through the hearts of all of us. I had to pay tribute to his gift of music. His genius was a major music influence to me, thus his music is a part of my musical development"

Michael Jackson's Human Nature while we Remember The Time.

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About The Artist

"LEGACY Vol. 1" is the title of modern contemporary jazz maverick, Alfonzo Blackwell's new Project slated for release this spring 2014. The sax man virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist and band leader is clear...his soulful personification of class, sophistication and style...and his musical legacy are indelible.